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So, I should start the story. I live alone in my 2 bed room flat in Mumbai doing some business related to the film industry. One Sunday morning, I was sleeping till late and suddenly the phone rang and I lazily picked it up. There was Priyanka at the other side. She was actually in a hurry. She said “Hello Amit, how are you?” I replied and greeted her “Hi Priyanka, I am fine, good morning.” Then she continued “ok, can we meet today?” I said “Yes why not? Come to my home anytime. It’s Sunday.” Then she said “Ok, I am coming in the evening. I will explain you everything.” I was a bit confused. I was thinking if there is something serious? Anyways it was 7:30 in the evening when the doorbell rang. I thought it must be Priyanka, so I approached the door. I opened it and saw Priyanka and Deepika standing on the door. Priyanka was wearing a white very tight top with a tight butt pressing blue jeans. She was looking like a killer looking to kill anyone with her assets. Then Deepika was wearing a peach colored gown which was too deep. The cleavage and the shape of boobs were visible. But I controlled my emotions and welcomed them in. They took a seat and I offered them coffee.

After all these formalities I broke the ice and asked Priyanka “What happened Priyanka, you sounded anxious in the morning?” I only had to say that and Priyanka started as if she was waiting for this “Amit, we want your help. Actually I and Deepika have got an offer from a foreign condom making company for acting in a documentary for their product. They are giving a big amount for this and we don’t want to leave this.” Then I queried “then what’s the problem?” This time Deepika explained “the problem is only here. In that documentary, I have a role of a prostitute and Priyanka is a house wife. But both of us have to do sex with a guy in that documentary.” Then Priyanka continued “We have managed to negotiate that we will choose the hero of this documentary because we can’t be comfortable with anyone fucking us. After all we are not prostitutes.”

After hearing this my mind was still searching for their problem and for its solution. But Deepika helped me in this and announced clearly “We want you to be our hero and we will be fucked only by you.” I was shocked by hearing this that two most beautiful, sexy woman on this world as I reckon are begging to be fucked by me. I told them immediately “I am ready to do this.” Then Priyanka explained me the whole concept and asked me to be ready tomorrow morning for rehearsals. The documentary was like this, Deepika is a prostitute and Priyanka is my wife. I go to the brothel regularly to have fun and do sex with my wife only to produce children. I don’t use condom while doing sex. The documentary shows one such night when I don’t used condom with the prostitute and become a victim of AIDS that costs me my wife’s life.

So the next morning, Priyanka and Deepika were knocking at the door. I opened the door and saw again those sex goddesses on my doorstep. Deepika was wearing a red too tight shorts and a navel showing top and Priyanka was killing me with her micro mini skirt with a sexy bra type top. They entered without any permission and immediately Priyanka said “Don’t waste anymore time and start rehearsal. Both of us, me and Deepika agreed and started reading the first scene. It was with Deepika where I had to fuck her. The scene was of the brothel. So, we start rehearsals. Priyanka was assuming to be the owner of the brothel. I entered there and asked Priyanka “Kya Munni Bai, kaisi ho?” She replied “Theek hain saahab, apka saaman taiyaar hai apke liye.” Then I moved to a room and there was Deepika waiting for me in shorts and top (because we were doing rehearsal). So, I entered in the room and asked Deepika “Kya haal hai, Jaan?” She replied “Tumhare bin kuchh theek nahi hai.” Then I said “To lo abhi theek kar dete hain.” Then I moved to her. She smiled and invited me to enter her heaven. I sat near her and touched her soft cheeks. She supported me with her action. Then I caressed her lips and moved my mouth to her lips. She was very excited with this. Then I slowly started kissing her. Firstly, I made her lips wet with my tongue. Then slowly I entered my tongue into her mouth. I poured some saliva in her mouth. She swallowed it and gave her saliva in exchange. It was so tasty. I was feeling so happy to kiss Deepika Padukone, the sexiest woman on earth. Then I accelerated the kissing and started chewing her lips, cheeks and then I moved down to her neck. Her neck is so nice and in shape. I licked her neck too. She was just enjoying these gestures made by me. Both of us forget that we are rehearsing and we actually started fucking each other. I was continuing to explore her body so in this process I moved my hands to her butt, the best part of a woman body. I was moving my palm from the top of her shorts on her ass. She was supporting me with giving me space to move my hands. I was squeezing her butts. Then she also made some moves and started moving her hands on my back. She was scratching it. I was also feeling very excited. Then I moved towards her boobs. I was caressing it too from her top. But I think she didn’t like it and in a flash stimulated her top out of her body and said “Now don’t open my bra and panty but tear it off.” I took it as a pleasure and just snatched her bra. Now she was topless in front of me. I started sucking her nipples, brown, rock hard and inviting nipples. She was also moving her hands on my hair to encourage me. Then I took her entire left boob in my mouth and was pressing the other one from one hand. Her boob was not too big so it was not hard to take her whole boob in my mouth. I was chewing her boobs and she was enjoying this.

While doing this I was opening the button of her shorts. I undid it and asked her to lift herself so that I can open her shorts and let her heaven come out in open. She obeyed and lifted her ass to open her shorts. I opened it and as per her request I virtually frayed her black semi transparent panty. Now her pussy was free and was inviting to be fucked. When I saw her virgin, pink pussy in front of me I went mad. I pounced between her legs and my mouth was ready to enter her pussy. Firstly, I checked it. The aroma of her pussy was electrifying. She just gave me a nod to lick each and every part of her pussy. I started licking her pussy. I touched it with the tip of my tongue. She got a 1000 volt current in her body. Then I slowly started licking and eating her pussy.

She was enjoying every moment of it. I was also very happy that I am giving a good fuck to a big heroine whom I admired the most. Then I started inserting my tongue into her pink pussy. The taste of her perfume mixed with the aroma of her urine smelled so good. I buried my tongue into her deep pussy. She was caressing my hair to give me signals of her pleasure and was making sounds like “oooooohhhhhh just go deeeeeeeepppp.” Then I continued the tour of her pussy and explored each and every part of her virgin, tight pussy. I virtually ate her pussy lips and have inserted my mouth deep in her pussy. Then I moved my mouth out of it and took my middle finger to finger fuck her. I slowly inserted my finger in her tight pussy because I didn’t want to give pain to a heroine. So, I started giving slow jerks into her pussy. She was making full fun of it. Suddenly I felt that someone is opening the button of my jeans. I moved to see it and to my surprise I saw that Priyanka was unbuttoning me. I said “But this is not in the scene.” Then she said carelessly “Forget it!” I understood that she just couldn’t control herself seeing this steaming scene. I thought what problem do I have in this! I will only enjoy fucking both these goddesses at a time, so I continued. In the meanwhile Priyanka undid my jeans totally and my dick with its full length came out. Priyanka cried “Wow! And you kept it in a cage till now.” With this she took my dick in her palm and then in her mouth. Firstly, she touched her tongue tip then she took my dick’s full length in her mouth. It was too big for her but she took it. She was giving me a good hard blowjob. I was also enjoying fucking Deepika’s pussy. I was moving my mouth in and out of her pussy and she was taking my dick in her mouth. My penis was in Priyanka’s mouth and I was eating Deepika’s cunt. All three of us were lost in each other’s body.

After a good 15 minutes session, all of us parted and I said “Now leave the rehearsal, we will do it on the set directly. But today let us enjoy each other and lose our virginity to each other.” Both of them smiled and agreed. Then I said “Now Priyanka, you lick Deepika’s pussy and Deepika you lick Priyanka’s.” they took the position and Priyanka was under Deepika and both of them were in 69 position. They started licking each other’s heaven. Priyanka just buried her tongue in Deepika’s pussy quickly but Deepika was just licking her pussy lips. But both of them were enjoying the lesbian act. When they were doing so, I just went near Priyanka’s ass and started licking her ass cheeks. She was enjoying double bonanza with me and Deepika sucking her holes. Then I moved nearer to her hole. She was feeling too nice to have it. Then I came much closer and started licking her ass hole. It was stingy but I liked it them most in woman’s body. So, I was busy licking her ass hole. We did this for another 15 minutes. Then Deepika said “Let’s have a domination session.” Priyanka and I agreed. But I said “What will we do in it?”

Deepika explained us and we started doing that. I was standing fully nude on the floor. Priyanka just came in my hands. Then positioned her a bit up from my dick and hold her. Then Deepika positioned my dick up to Priyanka’s pussy. Then Deepika started licking her pussy. She made it wet. Then I suddenly left Priyanka and my positioned dick entered her virgin pussy. She just shouted “oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmyyyyyy ggggggooooooddddddd! Justttttttt leave me…. Oucccccchhhhhh” But me and Deepika were enjoying that pain. Then I took her to the bed and then started fucking her already paining pussy. With this Deepika took her 2 fingers and inserted it in Priyanka’s pussy. Those made her cry. Tears just came out of her eyes and she was begging to be left for some relief. But I was in no mood for that. I continued my hard fuck in a virgin pussy. The sound of my dick touching her extreme was very loud. While just fucking Priyanka I snatched Deepika and started slapping her ass. She was feeling pain but I was not feeling anything like that so I continued. I slapped her 4-5 times and her ass cheeks became red and hot. Then I removed my dick from Priyanka’s pussy and I hurriedly buried it in Deepika’s ass. She cried “aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh…. Whhhhatsssss thiiiiiiisssssss?” I replied “This is real entertainment.” She gave a smile in pain and just moved backward to give me a good access to her ass hole. In the meanwhile, Priyanka came back in her senses and saw me fucking Deepika. She took this opportunity and started slapping my ass. I was feeling that pain but was ok with it. I was continuing the ass fuck of Deepika which was really painful for her. Deepika was giving me good support and I like that in a sexual intercourse. After sometime I felt like I am going to cum. I pulled my dick out of her ass and asked both of them to be on their knees to take cum in their mouth. They obeyed this and kneeled down. I gave 2-3 strokes and a load of cum came out on the face of Deepika and Priyanka. They licked all of that. After that good long exciting session of sex with 2 sex goddesses, I thanked them for giving me such a nice pleasure. They smiled and told me that they also enjoyed being fucked by me. I told them that the documentary will be too good when we are enjoying each other so well. With this hope they left and explained to me when and where I have to come for the shoot.

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