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An epic fuck with Asin

An epic fuck with Asin

I was in a wedding of my old friend Karan. I met Asin there because my friend is in film line also and soon we were talking like close friends that Karan came to me and said Krish you sure know how to impress women. Then after the wedding Asin ask me where I'm staying and I told her the name of my hotel. The very next day she was there and asked me whether I can have dinner with her and I said why not. So I told her that I will pick her up from her place exactly at 8PM.When I get there she was in her casual clothing and when I ask her the reason she said she wanna cook dinner for me and we dont have to go anywhere for the dinner. That looks like a great idea so I agreed and we reach her lounge.She ask me to wait there for few minutes and she went upstairs. When she came back I was stunned to see that she was wearing almost a transparent short and a pink colour t-shirt with nothing inside it. Wow that I will never forget in my life.

Then we went into her kitchen and she ask me what I like for dinner and I in reply ask her what can you cook and she surprised me that she can cook almost everything as she is a good cook besides being a good actress. So we decided that we will have chinese and she start preparing food. In the mean time we were discussing almost on every aspect of life. Then suddenly the topic changed toward sex and I asked her whether she likes sex or not? She said once in a while but it depends on the partner as she doesn't like everyone to be her sex partner.Then she asked me about my sexual life and I told her that its not that good as we don't have that much liberty in our country but I like good sex. Then the topic changed but I clearly saw that her nipples had stiffened a bit. Then an hour later we were having dinner and now she was wearing a white dress and she was looking innocent and very beautiful. She made fried rice and chillies with black pepper and I must say she is a really good cook and the dinner tasted even better with champagne. After the dinner we cleaned the place and then we went to her lounge and sat there and start talking. She was asking about the customs of my country and I Ask her about her life as an actress. At about 11 PM when I was preparing to go to my hotel she asked me whether I can stay at her place that night as she was feeling lonely and I said why not but I dont have casual clothes for me and she said its not a problem as she had a boxer short and a t-shirt that I can use. Then she went upstairs and brought those clothes for me. I went to bathroom and had a hot bath and change clothes. When I came back there was a shock waiting for me as she was wearing a white lace nighty and her undies were clearly visible from it. We went to her lounge and sat in front of her television. There was a romantic movie there and we start watching the movie and drink wine.

As the movie progresses there were a few kissing sex scene in that movie and I realised that it was Asin's own movie. Then I looked at her and she was breathing heavily. I took her hand in my hand and tapped it slowly as to say to cool down but I think it make a reverse action on her and she brought her mouth close to me and kissed me on my lips. I told her to cool down and drew her attention to the movie but now she was not watching it but instead put her head on my shoulder. Then by the time movie ended her head was on my lap and I was caressing her hairs. Then I look her into her eyes and they were red hot as she was crying and was looking too innocent.I asked her wat happen but she didnt say anything but kept on looking into my eyes. Then I dont know what happened to me but I planted a kiss on her lips and she got excited as she got up and we started kissing passionately.

Wow I had no idea that my favourite actress Asin who I kissing what type of kiss was that cause she was biting my lips and my hands were around her and I was pressing her toward me and didn't have any idea how much time had gone by. She then grabbed me by my tshirt and start pulling me toward her bedroom upstairs. When we got to her bedroom she pushed me on her bed and jumped on me and we again started kissing each other.Then she removed my tshirt and start carressing hairs on my chest and kissing on them and started moving downward and when she reached my cock which was hard as a rock by that time she start kissing it from above the short. She kept doing it for quite some time and then she took it off and also took her nighty off and came again to my lips but now my cock was in her hand and she was rubbing it and I started pressing her big beautiful boobs and took them out of her bra and started licking and sucking them and in a few minutes time I took her panties off. Her smell was good and her pubic triangle was also very beautiful. I again started kissing her and with my left hand I was pressing her boobs and with my right hand I was caressing her clit. After a long time of kissing she started moving towards my cock and then suddenly she started licking it from all sides and even licked my balls. Then she took the head of my cock in her mouth and start sucking it. I was in sheer pleasure and enjoying every second of it and then she start moving her head to and fro sucking my whole six inches of cock in her mouth and I was like in heaven and she started to pace it. I can't describe what I was feeling at that time and can't tell you what pleasure I was getting. Then she came up and lay down on her back as I climbed on her and started kissing her neck and boobs while my cock was carressing her clit. It was very clear that her cunt was very tight but still wanted my cock in her. So I jerked my cock forward and I entered in her pussy and a little moan emerged from her mouth as she also moved upward and I stroked hard this time and my whole cock entered in her pussy and she moaned again and said ooooooooohhhhhhhhh yeah Krish I love u and I said in reply I love u too Asin and when I see your film I become carzy and want to fuck you but god is great and see I'm fucking you now and she kept on moaning. Her voice was like ooohhhhhhhh yaeh Krish yeah baby fuck my oooooooooh my god ohhhhhhhhyeah Krish you r toooooooooooooooooo o goooooooooooood yeah fuck me and her moaning was giving me more pleasure as I felt a tickle building up in my testicles so I stopped and took my cock out and she cried in pleasure what are you doing so I said in romantic voice come baby suck me more and she didnt say anything just got up and started sucking my cock again. Her left hand was on my cock while her right hand was tickling my testicles, she kept on doing this for a few minutes and then she came up grabbed my cock and placed it on her pussy and rode on me and started moving up and down as my cock was touching the deepest wall of her pussy and she was moaning very loud as loud as she was shouting and was on her height. Suddenly I felt a lubrication on my cock.

She had ejaculated but she didnt stop, just slowed down a bit. After a few minutes I rolled over and now she was lying on her back and I was on top with full control. Now she was again ready and I was also ecstatic but I was controlling myself as I wanted to bring out my load with her and then she ejaculated again then I ask her where should I unload myself and to me disbelief she said in my mouth so I took my cock out and put it in her mouth. I was literaly fucking her mouth and wooooooooooooooow a gush of cum came out of my penis and filled her whole mouth. I took it out of her mouth and what she did she sat down and spit all my cum on her own boobs and started rubbing it and I smiled at her. I was lying beside her and when she soaked all my cum into her boobs I got up and lifted her into my arms and took her to washroom to her hot tub where we both sat down and cleaned each other and then half an hour later we had sex there again. we stayed there for one and half hours and then we returned to her bad. So we stayed up till 4 AM and by that time we kissed each other and talked a lot. She offered me to stay with her as she will be happy to give my company all her life but I politely refused it and said as long as I'm in states I will be with you and whenever I'll come here I will meet you and even stay with you but thats it and she agreed.

At 4 AM we slept in each others' arms. Next day when I woke up she was in the bathroom it was around 11Am and then I entered the bathroom as she had kept open the door. So we again had sex in the bathing tub. Asin and we finished sex and then she went to kitchen to make the breakfast. At table also she sat on my lap without clothes and I put my lund inside her and we had a 'rocking' breakfast. Well my sexcapades for that ended there for after breakfast I left. I haven't had the chance to meet up with her again, but I sure relish those moments.
Sonali and Bips : A 3some
AUTHOR: Sanjay Jain

I am a great fan of Sonali Bendre India’s sexiest actress, I have seen all her movies and feel that she has the sexiest body, here’s one of my Fantasy about Sonali. I am a photographer and photograph Models and Actresses and Sonali is a friend as I have done some of her portfolios, she calls me one day and comes to my studio for some private and sexy photographs. She’s wearing a real micro mini and a short top. She wants some real sexy photographs to be given to some of her new producers & directors, I ask her to pose as it is, then I tell her to pull down the chain of her top, she does it a little and I am not happy so I go and pull it down a lot more so that her lace peach bra is quite exposed, I take some more photographs and then I ask her to remove her top completely she removes it and I photograph her in her bra through which her sexy tits are quite exposed.

I then ask her to lower the bra, she does a little then I go to her and lower it further till her nipples are out, she tries to object but I do not listen. I now ask her to remove her bra and again she is reluctant, I go to her and remove her bra completely telling her that what her producers want to see is her flesh, her breasts are now exposed, as I am removing the bra my fingers brush across her nipples and I notice that they have become hard. Her boobs are real sexy, they are not very big but there is absolutely no sag. I am feeling horny and am tempted to hold and finger them as I did while photographing Mallika Sherawat (She was more than willing to have them sucked). Sonali comes to me and asks me to remove my shirt as she is topless and as a rule I should also remove the same amount of clothes she does, I willingly agree and remove my shirt. We continue the shoot with close ups of her boobs, then I ask her to sit on the sofa and pull up her skirt, she does a little but I tell her to lift a little more so that her panties are seen, she is again reluctant.

I then show her some of the photographs of models and actresses I have taken, some of them who are now Miss Worlds and Miss Universe like Susmita Sen, Priyanka Chopra, Lara Dutta, Celina Jaitley, Lisa Ray etc. They are all seminude & nude shots with their boobs & cunts clearly seen and some sexier even their panties and pussy exposed, some of Mallika Sherawats are even sexier with her masturbating with her fingers (What I did not tell her was that I had fucked all these models while photographing them.) I then show her some recent photos of Bipasa Basu absolutely nude, she is shocked, as Bipasa is a close friend of hers, I tell her that since her directors have seen her in the nude what is the problem. She says that’s ok but this is for new directors and I tell her that if she has to get films she has to show them some real hot photos. She is now bolder and agrees and lifts her skirt I can see her sexy peach lace panties matching her bra, I take some more photos of her with her topless with her panty seen and then go near her and remove her skirt and take shots of her in just her panties, she asks me to remove my trousers and as I am about to remove the door bell rings, I hurriedly give her a gown and send her to my cabin and go to the door.

At the door is Bipasa Basu, I forgot that she had called and wanted to have some more photos taken, She comes in dressed real hot wearing a short skirt and a small semi transparent top with no bra, She kisses me and I start shooting her, she is soon topless and comes to me, I kiss and suck the boobs for a while and take a few photographs and remove her skirt, she has the shortest thong panties, I kneel and kiss her pussy through the thongs. She pulls down my trousers. As I am photographing Bipasa, Sonali walks out of the office she is topless and only in her panties, Bipasa is a little shocked but soon start laughing and then greet each other and greet with a lip-to-lip kiss. Soon they all over each other kissing and sucking boobs. I am shocked, they both release and look at me, Sonali says “Its ok Sanjay we are both friends and have enjoyed each other for some time, we are not lesbians we like guys but once in a way this also happens.” With this Bipasa comes to me and pulls down my underwear, my rock hard cock springs out and she starts sucking it, Sonali comes and joins and they are both sucking me I am so excited having not one but two of my favorite actresses sucking my cock. I just keep moaning ooooohhhhh.

I just cannot control and shoot the first load into Bipasa’s mouth and then the second and third on Sonali’s face and boobs, Bipasa licks my cum of Sonali’s face and boobs and then they kiss to share my juice. We stop for a break, I give them some drinks and light them cigarettes, and we are nude and relax with a drink and a smoke. I am soon on my knees spreading Sonali’s legs and going down on her juicy cunt. Bipasa licks my semi soft cock to make it hard again. I am in heaven as my ultimate fantasy of sucking and soon fucking my favorite actress is coming true. Sonali’s pussy is really hot and full of juice, which I keep slurping and she keeps moaning, in the meantime she calls Bipasa and I am shocked to see Bipasa standing with her cunt to Sonali’s face and Sonali begins to lick. Sonali’s is also so excited and about to come, she pleads me “ Sanjay pleeeeassse fuck me, shove that hard cock of yours in my cunt ” I immediately get up and Bipasa helps me spread her friend’s pussy and holding my cock shoves it into Sonali’s cunt. It feels great; her pussy is full of juice and very tight… I pound her for a long time while she’s shouting “ fuck me Sanjay, fuck me harder than all the directors and heroes have fucked me, your cock feels great”.

We come together and as I remove my limp cock from her cunt, Bipasa goes down on Sonali in a hurry licking and slurping both our juices from her cunt. Sonali gets real horny pushing her friends head into her cunt “ lick me, lick both our juices” Bipasa licks Sonali’s cunt clean, her face is full of cum, she then kisses Sonali making her taste her own cum with mine. This is the sexiest moment of my life not only fucking my favorite actresses satisfying my fantasy of seeing lesbians and threesome. I am myself surprised that my cock is again Hard in just 10 minutes, now Bipasa wants me to fuck her and of course I am more than ready. Sonali now helps her friend by first licking her pussy then licking my cock; she takes hold of my cock with one hand, spreads her friend’s cunt lips with another and shoves it into her cunt. We fuck for a long time with Bipasa shouting and Sonali cheering, I finally come along with Bipasa and needless to say Sonali licks her cunt clean of our sperm. We all kiss together tasting each other’s cum and planning to meet again. My fantasies ends here for the moment.

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Raveena Tandon made a raand

Raveena Tandon made a raand
AUTHOR: guruprasad

Hi friends, I am guruprasad from chennai. I am going to share my fantasy story about Raveenaa tandon, the erotic bollywood actress.If you all remember, Raveena had done a film named "agnivarsha" in which she was trying to have sex with nagarjuna and her father-in-law came to know about this. A little change in story is there that instead of her devar, I am there as her real brother. Ab story shuru hoti hai.

Raveena my sister apne lover (nagarjuna) ke saath aadhi nangi leti hui sex karne ki koshish kar rahi thi aur itne me main wahan par pahunch gaya. Mujhe dekhte hi woh ghabra gayi aur uska lover bhi wahan se chala gaya. Ab who mere saath apne ghar (sasural) aa rahi thi. Saare raste who sharm ke mare kuch nahi bol payi aur mujhe bhi bada ajeeb sa lag raha tha. Baar Baar meri aankhon ke age uski nangi aur chikni peeth aa rahi thi jise uske lover apni jeebh se chat raha tha. Jaise hi hum uske sasural pahunche uske sasur wahan par pehle hi se the. Unhone meri behen (Raveenaa) ko upar se niche tak dekha, uske sare kapde mitti se bhare hue the. Who samjh gaye ki koi gadbad wali baat hai.Unhone mujhse gusse me pucha ki teri behen saali raand kahan se aa rahi hai. Main darr ke mare kuch nahi bola kyunki mujhe laga isse meri behen ka ghar kharab hoga. Unhone phir mujhse gusse me pucha par main chup raha. Ab unhe bahut gussa aaya aur unhone mujhe ek jordar chanta maar diya. Ab meri behen (unki bahu) ki baari thi. Unhone use bhi ek jordar chanta maara jisse ki who zameen par gir padi. Phir unhone uske baal pakde aur kaha saali raand kutiya kahan se muh kaala kara ke aa rahi hai bata warna tujhe maar maar ke tera muh laal kar doonga. Unhone itni cheap language meri behen ke bare me bola par main kuch na bol saka kyunki rishta hi aisa tha.Raveena rone lagi aur boli pitaji mujhe maaf kar do maine aage se kabhi aisa nahi karongi aur unke pairon me gir padi. Par unhe to pura gussa tha. Unhone phir se uske baal pakde aur kaha ki saali madarchod raand mera beta yahan nahi hai to tu galiyon me kisi bhi kutte se chudhvati phiregi aur phir se use 3-4 jordar chante maar diye and uski gaand par ek laat bhi mari. Who jor jor se rone lagi aur unke pairon me padkar maafi maangne lagi. Mujhse bhi raha nahi gaya aur maine bhi rote hue unke paroon me pad kar kehne laga ki meri behen ko maaf kar do.

Par unhone hum dono ko aur maara aur pairon se hata diya. Ab who mujhse bole ki main teri behen ko is ghar main nahi rakh sakta. Main unke pairoon main gir pada aur bolne laga ki please aap aisa mat kariye. Ye uski pehli galti hai please maaf kar dijiye. Par who bole ki teri behen ek raand hai aur isse agar aaj chod diya to phir kisi kutte se chudhvane jaayegi. Uski wajah se hamare ghar ki badnami hogi.Unki baat sunkar Raveena aur main phir se unke pairon me par gaye aur maafi mangne lage.Ab unhone phir se meri behen ke baal pakde aur bole saali kutiya aaj teri saari garmi nikalonga. Phir who use baalon se hi ghasitte hue aapne kamre me le gaye. Main bhi unke peeche chala gaya. Wahan jaa kar unhone use zameen par patak diya aur uske kapde utarne ki koshish karne lage. Raveenaa apne ap ko bachane ki koshish kar rahi thi aur baar baar ro kar mafi maang rahi thi. Maine bhi uske sasur ko rokna chaha par who nahi mane aur mujhse bole ki agar to apni behen ka ghar bachana chahta hai to meri saamne use nanga khada karde. Main bola nahi main aisa nahi kar sakta who meri sagi behen hai. Par who nahi mane. Ab main majboor hokar Raveenaa ke pass gaya. Uski aankhon me aansoo the aur zameen par aadhi nangi padi hui sisak rahi thi.Main uske pass gaya aur uske kapde utarne laga to who mujhse boli ki main teri behen hoon please mujhe nangi mat kar. Par main majboor tha. Pehle maine use aaram se khada kiya phir Maine uski bra utari. Phir maine uske petticoat ka naada khincha aur who neeche se bhi nangi ho Gayi. Ab who sirf ek black color ki kacchi me khadi thi aur usne appne dono haathon se apni choochiyon ko dhaka hua tha. Uske aankhon me aansoo abhi bhi the aur who ghabrayi aur sharmayi hui se khadi thi. Main bhi kuch ajeeb sa feel kar raha tha apni behen ko nanga dekhkar. Mujhe bhi sharam si aa rahi thi par baar baar meri nazar uske nange gore badan par jaa rahi thi. Uska badan ekdum gadraya hua tha. Choochiyan kafi moti moti thi aur uske haathon se chup nahi pa rahi thi. Uski jaanghe kafi chaudi aur sudol thi aur gaand to ekdum mast. Uski kaali kacchi uske gaand ke cheere me phasi hui thi jisse who aur bhi sexy lag rahi thi. Uske baal khule hue the aur uski gaand ko touch kar rahe the. Ek baar to mera bhi mann ho raha that apni behen ko yahin par chod do.Ab uska sasur mujhse bola ki iski kacchi kyun nahi uteri who kya teri maa aake utaregi. Ispar Raveenaa phir rone lagi aur mujhse request karne lagi ki please ab mujhe aur nangi mat kar. Par main majboor tha. Maine jaise hi uski kacchi utarne chahi who wahan se bhagne ki koshish karne lagi . Par maine use baalon se pakada aur apni taraf kheench liya. Phir maine ek hi jhatke mein uski kacchi utar di. Ab who puri nangi khadi thi. Ab uske sasur Raveena se bole chal ab to kutiya baan ja. Woh apne dono haathon aur ghutno par aa gayi. Phir uske sasur ne apni stick nikali. Main darr gaya. Who bole aaj is raand ki gaand mar mar ke lal kar doonga. Aur mujhe bole ki tu bhi ab pura nanga ho ja aur apni behen ke haath pakar. Phir who khud bhi pure nange ho gaye.Maine aage jaakar Raveena ke dono haath pakar liye. Main pura nanga apni behen ke saamne khada tha aur mera lund uski muh ke pass tha. Use nangi dekh kar mere lund me tightness si aane lagi thi. Ab uske sasur ne peeche jaa kar uske baalon ko jor se pakda aur stick uski moti aur gori gaand par maari. Uski cheekh nikal gayi “mar gaye”. Phir unhone lagatar 10-12 bar uske gaand par mari aur uski gori gaand lal ho gayi. Who cheekh padi aur jor jor se rone lagi.

Who jitna roti utni jor se usse stick par rahi thi. Ab who phir se maafi mangne lagi aur girgirane lagi ki please mujhe mat maaro aap jaisa kahange main waisa hi karongi. Phir uske sasur ne use baloon se pakar kar utha diya aur kaha ki saali kutiya aaj se tu meri raand hai aur tera ye bhai tera dalal. Phir unhone Raveena se kaha ki ab to meri gaand chat. Uske sasur ek stool par baith gaye aur who phir se kutiya wale position me baithkar apne sasur ki gaand chate lagi. Yeh sab dekhkar mera lauda bhi khada ho gaya aur maine peeche se jakar uski moti choochiyon ko pakar liya aur unhe jor jor se dabane laga. Choochiyon ke dabne se use dard hua aur uski aah nikal gayi “oooucch uyi maa”. Par maine dono haathon me uski choochiyan le aur uske nipple masal diye. Who tadap uhi. Phir maine dhire dhire use chatna shuru kar diya aur chate chate uski gaand tak pahunch gaya joki puri tarah se lal ho rakhi thi. Maine apni thuk wahan girayi aur use chatne laga. Kya scene that meri behen apne sasur ki gaand chat rahi thi aur main uski. Phir maine apni index finger uske gaand ke ched mein daali aur jor jor se ghuma di.. Who dard se tadap uhi. Raveenaa ko dard se tadapte hue dekh kar bara maza aa raha that aur mera lund pure tarah se tight ho chukka tha.Ab uske sasur se face turn kiya aur Raveena se kaha ki saali kutiya ab tu mera lund chus. Who unka lund chusne lagi. Mujhse ab raha nahi gaya aur maine apna lund uski gaand ke chote se hole me daal diya. Who buri tarah se cheekh pari “uyi maa mar dala”. Uske aansu nikal gaye aur uske muh me se uske sasur ka lund chot gaya. Ispar woh gussa ho gaye aur unhone apni stick se phir Raveena ki gaand par maara. Ab meri behen buri tarah se dard ke mare cheekh rahi. Ek to main uski gaand maar raha that aur upar se uske sasur uski gaand par stick maar rahe the.

Phir unhone maarte maarte hi apna lund uske muh me de diya. Mujhe apni behen ki gaand maarte hue bahut maza aa raha tha. Main bus ab chotne hi wala tha. Maine apna saara maal uski gaand mein chod diya. Uske sasur budhe the unka koi maal nahi tha. Isliye unhone uske muh me apna peesaab kar diya aur kaha ki agar who use nahi piyagei to phir stick se mar padegi. Raveenaa ne darr ke mare apne sasur ka saara pesaab pe liya. Mujhe bhi bahut jor se pesaab aa raha tha maine bhi apni behen ko pesaab pila diya.Ab uske sasur ne apne kapde pehne aur nangi tadadpti hui meri behen ke baal pakad kar bole ki saali aaj tujhe accha sabak sikhaya hai. Aagge tu meri raand ban ke rehegi aur agar meri baat nahi mani to abki baar tere saamne teri maa ko chodunga. Phir woh chale gaye. Hum dono bhai behen nange us room me reh gaye.Raveena ke aansoon nahi rukh rahe the. Main uske pass gaya aur bola didi mujhe maaf kar do tumhare nange badan ko dekh kar main apne ko ro nahi paya. Usne meri aankhon me dekha aur rote hue mujhse lipat gayi. Who boli ki meri gaand bahut dard kar rahi hai. Maine use zameen par ulta leta diya aur uski gaand ko dhere dhere sehlane laga taki dard hat jaye. Par aisa karte hue mera lund phir tight ho gaya . Maine use uthaya aur phir se kutiya bana diya. Who darr gayi aur phir rone lagi ki please ab apni behen ko mat chodna mujhe bahut dard ho rahi hai par mere andar to jaise ek jaanwar aa gaya tha. Maine use kutiya banaya aur peeche se uske baal pakar ek hi jhatke me pura lauda uski choot me daal diya. Who cheekhti rahi aur main use chodta raha . Uski cheekhon se mera lund aur tight hota raha. Ab main chotne wala tha. Maine lund uski choot me nikala aur use bola ki le saali raand ab mera laura choose . Who mera lund muh me lekar choosne lagi aur phir main uske muh mein hi choot gaya. Phir maine use apna saara maal pila diya.Ab who ek raand ban chuki hai aur maine use kai baar alag alag jagah par choda hai. Uske sasur to use saara din nanga rakhte hain aur apne doston se usko chudhvate hain.

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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Shilpa Shetty Gets Taught A Fucking Lesson - Shilpa Shetty Raped

Shilpa Shetty Gets Taught A Fucking Lesson - Shilpa Shetty Raped

Shilpa Shetty was now a big kick ass movie star in Bollywood and London after winning Big Brother. At the tender age of 18 she was fast emerging as a new hot talent, one everybody wanted to be in their movies. Because of her newfound fame, she was being really picky about her roles. She turned down one role because the director wanted her to cavort around in a bikini. God she thought to herself, I’m only 18 and already the sharks want me to strip. She knew she was attractive and was a magnet for desperate men and boys, and she loved and demanded attention everywhere she went. She dreamed of the time she walked into school once dressed in a Sexy schoolgirl outfit. The males had stood there, jaws dropping so far flies could have flown in there and they wouldn’t have noticed.

She loved teasing the boys, but she was determined to be a virgin til the day she got married. She had masturbated sure, every little girl did. But her hymen was still intact. She hadn’t had anything penetrate her little barely teenage cunt yet. She was saving that for when she met someone really nice and she was married to him. She was determined to just enjoy being in a position to tease the boys. She was back at home, relaxing before jetting off to film her next movie. She was looking forward to it; she was going to play a bitchy girl in it. Little did the director know, but she didn’t have to act bitchy. She already was a bitch.

Anyway, one Saturday morning, her mother called up to her and asked if she wanted to go out shopping. Shilpa agreed, and of they went in her mom’s 4x4. Whilst in the mall, Shilpa saw one of her oldest friends, Geetu. She had outgrown her though, so tried to shield herself from view. However, she hadn’t bargained on her mom calling out to Geetu and inviting her over to talk. Shilpa made it plain she thought she was better than Geetu, and acted like a total snob. Then much to her horror, Geetu invited her over to her house that night for a party, as Geetu was turning 19 on Monday so she was having the party that night. Shilpa was about to make up some excuse when her mother (God, how Shilpa cursed her under her breath) said Shilpa would come. Armed with the address and time, Shilpa was dragged off to find a dress for the party and a present for Geetu.

Shilpa made it quite clear to her mom that she didn’t want to go to the party, but her mom told her to stop being such a little spoilt princess. Shilpa resented this. Didn’t her mom know whom she was talking to? She was Shilpa Shetty, a famous movie star. She had her pick of roles, she could decide whether she went to some party or not. She sulked and sulked all day, but when she found that Geetu’s brother was going to be there she cheered up. She had always enjoyed teasing him before she had become famous. She had paraded around in a little dress when she was even younger and he had such a boner looking at her that he still masturbated over the mental image to this day.

Anyway her mom drove her to the party, and when she knocked on the door she adjusted her dress. She groaned when Geetu answered the door, because Geetu was wearing a really childish dress, and it just served to reinforce Shilpa’s belief that she was better than everyone else. She entered the lounge and was greeted by friends that she had long since grown out of and had not spoken to for years. She was really obnoxious and when she saw the buffet laid on for the part by Geetu’s parents, she started to regale the guests about the food the movie stars have at their parties. One particular comment was designed to hurt, and it did. ‘My God, who has jelly now? That’s for kids for God’s sake’.

When Shilpa left the party, the other guests breathed a huge sigh of relief. They had had enough of listening to Shilpa going on about her movie star friends. Shah Rukh this, Kajol that, etc. The atmosphere picked up tremendously after that, and the party became even more enjoyable. Anyway, a couple of days of days later she reShilpased she had left her purse at the party. She called Geetu and went over to the house to get the purse when Geetu said she had found the purse. Shilpa knocked on the door, and Geetu answered it and ushered her into the lounge.

‘You were really snobby and bitchy at my party; you ruined it for everyone. What happened to you Shilpa’? Geetu asked her friend. Shilpa just shrugged her shoulders and demanded that her purse be handed over. ‘I don’t have time for this crap, I have a meeting later with someone’. Geetu looked confused and was met with a sarcastic ‘,duh’! In reply.

She went to leave the house but was stopped by Geetu’s brother Karan who had been listening in the kitchen to Shilpa being mean and bitchy. He had a few friends over, all of which had fancied Shilpa for months. They all fanned around her, making her feel scared for her safety. Karan walked towards her and snarled at her ‘Horrible mean bitch. Maybe we should take you and make you feel a hard cock inside your cunt’.

Shilpa tried to leave the house but was grabbed by one of Karan’s friends, Alan. He turned her around and watched as she was marched upstairs into Karan’s room to be defiled. Shilpa was stripped naked, and when she cried out to Geetu to help her, she got a face full of saliva as Geetu told her she had asked for this. Shilpa’s jeans were ripped off her body, revealing a black thong. Karan grabbed hold of her little pussy through the fabric and felt no hair. He told his friends and they laughed. He then tore the thong off, and passed it round his friends who sniffed at the fabric. They whistled at the scent of a barely teenage cock-teasing slut who was about to be punished.

He ripped her T – shirt off and revealed that the little slut wasn’t wearing a bra. Her little 18-year-old tits were pointing straight up into the sky, with nipples that were soon erect from the treatment that Karan and his friends gave them. Karan positioned Shilpa on all fours on the bed and unzipped his jeans. His monster 10-inch cock sprang to attention, fully erect. Shilpa nearly fainted when she saw it. Karan got between her legs and pressed his cock against the barely teenage cunt in front of him. With one thrust he got 4 inches inside Shilpa.

Shilpa screamed with the pain of having her virgin twat stretched for the first time, especially as she was being raped. Karan gave a sick smile when he met her hymen. He pulled out, and then with a hard thrust burst her hymen. Shilpa let out a piercing scream, as her virginity was gone forever now. She started screaming at the top of her lungs as the crude fucking continued. Karan built up quite a head of steam and after just 5 minutes grunted as he filled her teenage cunt with hot spunk.

His friend Alan climbed on the bed next and penetrated her with an 8-inch cock. Shilpa by now was sobbing, as her virginity was not just being taken but destroyed. Her first time was meant to be with someone she cared for, loved and special. Not being raped by Geetu’s brother and his friends. Another friend, Jay moved in front of Shilpa. He let his big 9-inch cock fall out of his pants and pushed it between Shilpa’s lips. He started crudely fucking her face, making her struggle to breath as she continued to sob.

Alan was really giving her a seeing to, he lasted just a couple of minutes longer than Karan before he shot his spunk too. Jay pulled out of the mouth and went round the back and then he fucked her too. His cock went in and out of her, the spunk of Alan and Karan helping him to thrust deep into her teenage twat. He pulled her hair and started calling her all the names under the Sun. ‘Dirty little cunt. You made us fuck your sweet barely teenage cunt. You fucking little prick tease’.

He spunked and then got off the bed. The last friend, Nirav, climbed onto the bed behind her. He started spanking her arse, eliciting screams galore from her. He carried on spanking her then said to his friends: ‘maybe I should make her virgin arse bleed. What do you think guys? Hey, Geetu do you think I should take your little bitch friends virgin arse’? Geetu nodded her head in agreement and then walked to the bed and sat on Shilpa’s shoulders. She told Nirav to start giving the whore her first anal fuck. Karan by now was hard again. He looked at his sister, and was really turned on by her words.

He walked over to her and asked if he could fuck her. She said yes, and lay down on the bed next to Shilpa. Shilpa was forced to watch through a tear stained face as her one time friend had her first fuck of many. From her own brother of all people. She suddenly was aware of something being prodded against her arse. She turned and saw Nirav getting ready to dry fuck her virgin arse. She was sobbing uncontrollably now, waiting for the invasion of her tight arse. Nirav was egged on until he couldn’t wait any longer and plunged into Shilpa’s tight virgin arse.

Geetu was screaming in ecstasy as her own brother, her hair flailing, fucked her. She let out a loud scream as her orgasm hit her young 19-year-old body. Karan grunted as he came ever nearer to shooting spunk deep into his own sister’s teenage cunt. He pulled out of his sister, smiling at her. She smiled back at him, and then positioned herself so that Shilpa was faced with her little twat. Karan grabbed Shilpa’s hair and forced her to eat Geetu’s cunt out. Shilpa nearly puked when she saw the cum running from her one time friends little twat.

Karan held her firmly and told her if she didn’t clean Geetu’s pussy then the rape would carry on. Shilpa reShilpased this struggling was futile so started to lick her one time friend’s twat out. Her tongue snaked into the little twat, making Geetu gasp and shudder. On and on went the oral sex, and when Geetu finally gasped and screamed in orgasmic delight, Karan let Shilpa stop eating some cunt juices. When she asked them to stop cos she had done what had been asked of her, they just laughed and told her that she was their property now. They would let her go when they wanted. So the brutal crude rape continued.

Shilpa was screaming her lungs out meanwhile as Zach roughly took her anal cherry. Blood was starting to trickle from the virgin arse of Shilpa as the crude fucking continued. Zach grunted as he finally shot his load into the tight hole. Jay climbed onto the bed and pushed his own cock back into Shilpa’s tight arse. He groaned as he felt the anal muscles clamp around his cock tightly. He grunted as he felt his spunk rise from his balls. He stopped, giving Shilpa some respite from the crude anal fucking. Without warning, he suddenly thrust back into her arse again. This time, Shilpa let out the biggest bellow since the rape had started. Suddenly, Jay pulled out before he could come.

Police sirens filled the quiet street, and the patrol car stopped outside Geetu’s house. Two burly cops Shilpaghted from the vehicle. Shilpa saw this as her chance to escape from the brutal rape. No such luck for her! The 2 officers happened to be big black burly fuckers. Their cocks were both at least 12 inches. Shilpa didn’t know it, but she was about to be destroyed by two massive cocks.

They knocked on the door. Karan opened the door, whilst still dressing. The officers asked what was happening. Karan told the officers the whole story. The officers, instead of handcuffing Karan, they asked if she was still naked. Karan led them back upstairs to where Shilpa was still being held down to suck cocks so she couldn’t make any noise to alert the cops to her presence.

Jay leapt out of his skin when he saw the cops sanding there. Shilpa looked up, giving the cops a thankful stare. They merely grinned, and unzipped their pants. Shilpa let out a howl of frustration as she reShilpased that she was not going to be helped. The two cops got her positioned so that one could fuck her little cunt and the other could fuck her virgin arse. They pounded away at her holes, making her scream in agony as this little Bollywood bitch film star got the fucking of her life.

She was by now howling in agony, as her insides were being ripped apart by the 2 monster black cocks stretching her virgin holes beyond anything she could ever have imagined. One of the cops grunted as he added more spunk to her arse, and then asked the other cop to lift her off his cock so he could make a call. Shilpa was screaming as her anus was being torn to shreds by a big cock. Her attackers were verbally abusing her and she nearly fainted when she heard another 5 cop cars turn up.

Soon, another 10 cops were in the room, among them a female cop. She looked really pretty, long blonde hair tied into a bun and a tight clingy uniform. She was a lesbian, and after her male colleagues had finished raping poor Shilpa, she pulled her pants down to reveal she was wearing a strap on cock. Shilpa by now was on the verge of passing out from her crude raping that day. It had been a few hours since she had arrived at Geetu’s house. The cop got between her legs and rammed the strap on deep into Shilpa’s cunt. She was fucked beyond mercy, until she passed out.

After Shilpa had been fucked into oblivion, the police decided to take her home but not telling her mom she had just been raped by some of the cops taking her home. They would tell her they found her by the side of the road, obviously been assaulted and sexually assaulted. In the car on the way to her house, the cops told Shilpa to never tell anyone who had raped her. She had top issue a description to fool everyone otherwise she would be found and raped again. This time they would take her to the state lock up for the inmates serving long sentences to have their way with a piece of barely teenage meat.

Shilpa complied with the instructions, but she stopped filming for sometime. She was a wreck by the rape. And she soon learnt that being a stuck up bitch wouldn’t get her very far in life if she didn’t have any friends. She tried to make amends with Geetu and was pleased when she was allowed to make things better. Karan very now and then would touch her tits or arse, making Shilpa freeze with fear and panic. She would be living like that for the rest of her life, at least until Karan or she died

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Preity zinta drunk and fucked

Preity zinta drunk and fucked
AUTHOR: Shahid

The story is about Preity zinta... According to me she is the hottest actress around... Remember her scenes from Kya kehna where she is made nude and fucked by saif ali khan... Or salaam namastey... Where saif again enjoys her... Let me tell you on of the incidents that happened on the sets of one of her movies.

Preity loves to drink and work, as she feels it gives her a kick. That day she had a love scene to shoot (with saif ) for salaam namaste. She was her usual- looking hot when she came to the set.. She was wearing a very short top and a denim shorts... All the members of the film unit were staring at her hungrily... Wanting to eat her up... All of them knew that she had a hot scene... She came out ready wearing a see through top... Showing the pointing of her nipples... They were already errect... With the white top she was wearing her pink skirt. She had already gulped down two pegs of drink... But this much she could handle.

The shot began... Saif had to move forward and kiss her and then make love to her... The director was not happy... The shot was done over and over again... He went upto said n said "Preity kuch involve nahi lag rahi hai... Ussey sexxxy lagna chahiyeh" preity was sitting n talking over the phone... Saif quckly made a drink for her... This time, he made it slightly stronger... Something which should give her a high. Preity thanked saif and gulped it in a single sip... She for a second fell on saif.. Pressing her boobs against saif's hand. Now saif knew... Everything would go fine.

Saif went upto the director and said, don't say 'cut'...just let it go on... And he can edit later whatever he doesn't want.

Director said action... On the bed preity is lying down... And saif comes from top and kisses her... And kisses her again.... And now started smooching her... Preity who is slightly high on drinks, starts feeling wetttt... Saif slowly unties her hair... He is kissing her all over the face.... He removes his shirt and also unbottons Preity's top... Now she is only in the bra... Saif starts pressing her boobs... Hard... Very hard... Pinching her boobs from the top... Preity is enjoying it so much, she forgets the complete unit is looking at them... And that this is not the part of the film... Saif... Opens up her bra in a second, and now her milky white, 34B size breasts are all over his face... Saif cannot enjoy more than this... And so can all the team member. Saif is squeezing the boobs, licking em, kissing emt... And enjoying the whole action. Preity is also enjoying it doubly. He slides his hand inside her skirt, preity is not wearing her panties. Saif tells her ...Preity...u r a bitch... A complete whore... Look you are nude in front of the complete unit members...

Suddenly she realizes... Then saif pulls down her skirt... Making her completely nude in front of all. Woww... All r stunned to see this.. Preity tries to resist... But she is too drunk to make much effect... Saif then pulls down his pants... And there stands his 7 inch long dick, ready to enter zinta's cunt... Before she even realizes... He rams his dick inside preity... Making her scream loudly...

She wants him to stop... But she's not in her senses... Saif is going fast... in-out, in-out... Kissing her... The unit members cannot believe their luck, some of them are recording it on their mobile... The director sits there unbelievably (not without an erection of course)...

Preity zinta getting fucked in front of all... In a few minutes, while saif is ramming his dick inside her... Saif calls his fellow actor Arshad warsi to join him. Arshad comes in removes his pants and puts his dick in preity zinta's mouth... Now she is getting fucked in her chooth as well as in her mouth... Saif cums in her cunt... And preity screams... Arshad now gets up... Its his turn... He gets and puts his dick inside her ass.... Preity screams... She is enjoying this by now... But just feels too humiliated... Arshad is screaming... "saali nangi... Zyada attitude dikhati hai rand... Bahar dekh... She looks out and is chocked to see a long queue of men... About 10 of them, half naked... She cannot believe it.... And then one by one... All of them enjoyed the nangi prety zinta...

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Preity zinta raped in lift

Preity zinta raped in lift

Preity zinta, the bollywood actress was in a 5 star one night for for having sex with one of her clients who had paid her. Preity zinta was a big whore, though an expensive one who let anyone with bucks to enter her choot with her milky legs wrapped around him.

She had put on a office suit ending around her navel, revealing her navel and her back as the skirt was way below. The suit was too tight with lots of cleavage. Half of her boobs popped out of the skimpy dress. She always wore push up bra to tease the men around her and also made her boobs bob when she walked. As she was an actress she knew no one could rape her. These men then masturbated every night on her poster imagining to fuck her.

She had gone there, wearing a very short & tight black skirt, (at least 2 sizes too small for her) just covering her gaand, and showing off her entire shaven milky thighs,with high heeled black sandals, giving preity the complete high-class randi look. Whenever she went for a chudai like this, she never wore panties. The skirt was short enough to reveal her shaven pussy and her ass cheeks if she jst bent a little. High heeled black sandals, well manicured white thighs, black nail polish and a very short black skirt just inches from her gaand, made everyone's crotch tighten up as she walked through the hotel lobby, bobbing her boobs up and down and shaking her big round ass, she was looking damn hot! And slutty !

Preity zinta had put on a lot of make up. Red lipstick to highlight her juicy lips and kohl-lined eyes for a horny effect during the blow job, when looking with those lusty eyes into her client's eyes wud drive him sexually mad and he wud give her a good mouth fuck. Preity loved this mouth fuck where the big crotch wud fuck her to her throat as someone caught her hairs and pushed her to suck it off. She normally never wore such revealing and arousing dresses fearing men around her wud go mad with their erect rods and rape her there and then, but this was a big producer and she wanted to fully satisfy him to snatch the role kareena had taken by taking his lund into her gaand. She noticed a man rubbing his crotch and smiled. Before that too, a man had tried to grab her ass, over her skirt.she was confident she wud blow her client apart tonight. May be he wud recommend her name as a slut to other men who wanted a blow job from her.

So many men had brushed her (no surprise, they wud fuck her given a chance or gang bang her,masturbating on the whore's face!),pressing against her breasts and rubbing their rods against her ass trying to shove their rods into preity's ass crack,feeling her naked thighs that she too was feeling horny now. As she entered the lift, the lift man kept gazing at her bare thighs and her butt for some time. She could see his crotch tighten and making a tent.preity felt horny and gave him a sexy slut like smile, even turning around a bit to show off her butts, teasing the man. He adjusted his pants rubbing his groin area and opening his zip.he could not believe his eyes! Her dream slut thinking of whom he masturbated every night was there. That too in such a short killing dress that he wud rip it off and just bang her gaand.soon the 2 started moving up. Suddenly the lift jerked and stopped. The lights went dim. Preity panicked and started pressing the lift buttons.she was looking even more hot, trying to adjust her thighs in those short skirts , protecting herself from his hungry eyes. To her horror, she felt hands groping her bare thighs from behind and a pole trying as if to push into her gaand forcing over her skirt.her high heeled but bare milky legs were blocked by the attacker.she tried screaming when he gagged her with his palm, pressing his crotch even deeper into her ass .the whore was trapped now !

The man now started feeling her body violently. He was in the heat now and just wanted to fuck preity zinta's holes. She could hardly breathe and the man had started thrusting against her. Soon he pulled her skirt down to her feet with his free hand and took out his instrument. It was erect to its limit and the veins were about to burst it seemed. The man was completely aroused by preity zinta's dress and her body. Clearly preity was in trouble.he took his hand off her mouth and pushed her face against the wall, making sure she could not scream. With one hand he guided his penis into her choot from behind & with the other crushed preity's boobs. The big bollywood actress was getting bloody raped and she could not do anything. Preity zinta had got raped earlier too by a gang of producers. That time, 6 men had fucked her! The man's thighs blocked her milky white thighs from behind. She had no panty on. He slapped preity's butt cheeks hard on seeing this and became even more excited and violent, like a dog sticking his crotch and grinding it against preity zinta's thighs. He was kneading her breasts so hard, preity felt she wud choke. He was thrusting like a dog fucking her bitch.suddenly as if a knife penetrated her, the man shoved his hard penis in her choot from behind. She started moaning when he again cupped her lips.he began thrusting in and out, tearing apart her vagina.he was fast and as he struck her preity felt a man's penis so deep inside her that were till now untouched. He had developed a rhythm and was raping and fucking preity zinta, the slut of his dreams! So many times he had masturbated on her face and he was now fucking herself ! Preity's skirt lay around her ankles, meshed with her high heels. Her lower body was totally nude and ideally positioned against the man's body for the standing doggy fuck.

Now the man made her kneel like a dog.he pushed her suit up with his free hand and pulled her hair. He started biting her back.he wanted to fuck her like a true randi. Pulling her hair, he started fucking her, this time in her ass.though it was split apart as preity was often ass fucked, still it pained a lot. Preity was grimacing as the pain was unbearable but she was paying the price of wearing such a horny dress, making so many men wanting to fuck her there and then. He kept thrusting against her, taking revenge for every man priety zinta left with a erect lund and a desire to fuck her.each time his pole searing through her. Preity zinta was getting raped in that stranded lift.

With her hairs still in his hand, he made her turn around and quickly filled her mouth with his lund. It ws so long it rubbed agianst preity zinta's throat. Her juicy,red lipstick-ed lips were giving this man a blow job as he mouth fucked her. She looked up and her kohl-lined eyes, drove him crazy and made him fuck her mouth doubly hard. She was totally nude except for the heels. Suddenly she felt his lund throbbing and realised he was about to cum. He gave preity's mouth a last few jerks, took his lund out and started cumming on her face. Hot spurts of his endless cum came on preity zinta's lips, dripping to her breasts and her suit, on her eyes and cheeks. After he cummed for about half a min, he rubbed his dick against her lips, smearing her lip stick and his cum all over the beautiful actress face.preity zinta had just been raped !

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Mallika And Riya's Lesbian Adventure

Mallika And Riya's Lesbian Adventure

Hi friends I am anuj from mumbai.Today I am going to relate my sexperiences with two hot babes of the film industry.let me tell you about myself I am anuj, a fashion photographer and I usually photograph models and film stars. now let’s get to the story.One day I was in my studio when suddenly the door flew open and in came the sexy actress Riya Sen.She was looking gorgeous in a sleeveless white top and a pink mini skirt.

I asked her whether I could help her.She told me that she wanted to have some photographs of her taken by me. We started talking and after some conversation I came to know that she was depressed for not getting films and wanted to some really hot photographs as she wanted to show her producers how bold she could get. I at once understood that I have a good chance of fucking her . I showed her some nude photos of mallika sherawat , mallaika arora, bipasha basu and payal rohtagi. She was surprised to see these actresses holding didlos , vibrators or fingering themselves.i told her that if she wanted to get roles , she would have to become bolder than them.she told that she was ready to do anything. But she did not know that I had fucked all of them while photographing them. I took her to the studio and told her to change.

She slowly took off her top and then her skirt. She was now in bra and pink panties. I told her to open her bra too. After some hesitation , she pulled the hooks of bra , and now she was topless. She had enormous , round boobs as white as milk and nipples as big as erasers. I told her to hold her boobs and suck them. She followed my instructions and did as i told her. suddenly someone knocked at the door . i told riya to hide in the cupboard and then i opened the door. it was the sexiest mallika at the door. She was wearing a skimpy top with a micro mini skirt. she came in and closed the door. she held me tightly and kissed me . She then told me , "anuj , kitne dino se tumne mujhe choda nahin. meri choot tumhare liye pyasi hai yaar. aaj to do teen ghate chudwaoonge he." i was happy she was doing so . we had been regularly fucking eachother for one year. i at one took off her top and bra and started sucking her boobs. she started moaning loudly . she had really big boobs. you have seen her movies and you can imagine her size.

I then took off her skirt and panties and started sucking and licking her pussy.She was moaning with pleasure and pressed my face to her wet cunt. Suddenly we heard sounds of moaning from the cupboard and i understood what was happening. I went and opened the cupboard and found riya all naked , fingering her pussy , mallika was shocked to see her but I told her that she had come for the same purpose. mallika was then relaxed and I told her why she had come. after listening to me she said that one of her producers were working on a movie on lesbians and she wanted a co actress .

Riya was excited and said that ahe wanted to work in that film. but mallika said that first you will have to give audition. she took out a didlo from her purse and told that we are going to make love to each other. "start sucking my boobs and then lick my cunt" riya came forward and tookk one boob in her hand and started sucking it.I started taking photographs and I also got naked. riya slowly sucked he next boob and then went to her cunt. She was a expert licker and soon mallika was screaming with pleasure.After some time she came......

As mallika was telling riya to strip down her clothes i started to take pictures of them. She told her "now kiss me hard" , and she brought her lips close to riya's . riya kissed her hard and they french kissed each other for about 5 mins.After that mallika, who was already completely naked, told her to suck her boobs. I took the advantage of this situation and opened my clothes. I started masturbating. it was the best porn movie I was ever wathching.Riya kissed and sucked each of her boobs. I could see their pussies getting redder and wetter.

Mallika then took out a didlo from her purse and told riya to insert one part of it in her pussy. Riya did as she was told and as she inserted the didlo, she moaned with pleasure. her moan was so sexy . you can imagine her moan from the sexy voice in the films. mallika then inserted the other end of the didlo in her pussy and began making short pushes. by this time riya was also completely hot and she alsoo started to make strokes.By this time i had cummed 3 times. The fucking became more and more intense and after 10 minutes they came too and collapsed. Their bodies glistening with sweat was looking just like angel. I had the fantasy to see a lesbian fucking and my wish had come true.

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